the oscitant enterprises production/[a]production model is characterized in part by it's 'rolling priority schedule' or rps which dictates production and [a]production delivery schedules. as a rule production takes priority to [a]production when there are no [a]production deadlines pending and production contracts are present. after intensified production resulting in surplus capital, [a]production contracts can be resumed in order to regulate the movement of the oe dual production model, shifting capital from one field of production to the other and vice versa. the result is an elliptical economic movement between the two poles of production within the company.

oscitant enterprises production and service activities are conducted on a project by project basis in a range of fields from furniture design and fabrication to drawing, modelling, translation, film production, fine art printing and heavy equipment operating.

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oscitant enterprises [a]production is organized non-hierarchically and also operates on a rps. raw data in the form of drawings, notes, photos, films and texts fuel [a]production as well as recording it. dossiers stored in the boxes N2 and N3 serve as the basis for all extended investigations. as ideas migrate from these dossiers into the realm of objectification they are filtered through a plane of consistency, during this passage a transformation takes place. this transformation is the commonality that connects all oe products. investigation and [a]production are initiated by oe and are carried out by one or more of it's operative agencies which oversee every stage of the project from inception to delivery and installation.