PASSAGEN 2006        


(january 16 – 22, cologne, hermann-pünder-str.)

oscitant enterprises or oe, is a nomadic company comprised of several operative agencies which fulfil [a]/production contracts globally according to a rolling priority schedule or rps. oe is engaged in the design, fabrication and delivery of specialized products and services it applies the means of production to two ends:

a. to the execution of work contracted from the private sector;
working, or creating objects for a profit in the field of production.

b. to the execution of work contracted by the company itself;
working, or creating objects at a loss in the field of [a]production.

razor saw fabricating and packaging is an operative agency of oe it is responsible for the completion of custom designed hand made products and construction services contracts. razor saw products are available in a variety of sizes, forms, configurations and finishes. products shown on this site are to be regarded as prototypes for individual customer orders.

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