MARGIN MILIEU 2008        


[opening: october 10, 2008 7:00 pm]

MARGIN MILIEU is the second in a series of "MILIEU CHANGES" to be undertaken by the oscitant enterprises special project group's foreign operating officer jon shelton in collaboration with gerrit göllner. These milieu changes are based on the idea of working in different public spaces for a limited period of time. This situation puts observation, interaction, communication, production and process out in the open for all to use, these become in part, the subject and the motor of the project itself. The MARGIN MILIEU exhibition will be three fold in its content and will take place in the museum LIBRARY where several books from both artists [executed separately and collectively] will be presented in glass display cases. And at the same time new books will be made in a Nomadic Micro Publishing Unit [NMPU] in the entrance LOBBY of the museum. The NMPU is designed to be of the utmost flexibility of form allowing for drastic changes in size and shape within minutes if not seconds. As both artists will be working in the space regularly throughout the exhibition, so too will the space constantly change. The NMPU will be visible around the clock as it will be situated in front of the glass facade on the south side of the museum. Beyond its architectural and sculptural exterior the NMPU's interior is designed to provide a place for the production and display of books of various formats and degrees of complexity to be made by the artists during the exhibition.

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